Sunday, August 30, 2009


OK...Craig Speed isn't quite as good as MikeSpeed. But I'll take it.

Today was not summer. It was more like a fall day. High temp around 65, but a bit humid. We went out to play disc golf. I haven't played in over a month. My buddy Nino and I have a running feud at the game. I've won the past couple times, but I guess it was his turn today. He was ahead most of the front nine, but I pulled to a tie at the 7th hole and was eventually ahead by one stroke. But he took the lead back on the 16th. I'll get him next time.

Went for a run tonight. The goal was a strong 5k and I did better than expected... 24:37. This was my second best 5k ever (my best was in a race). I was not expecting to do quite that well. Mile 1 was about 7:50. 8:10 for mile 2 -- which has the big hill. Finished with 7:56 total pace. Next run will be a five miler, most likely on Tuesday. The Akron Marathon relay is fast approaching and I am not ready. Need to keep on task to not let my team down.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It's amazing what just two weeks on a running schedule can do. I still have a lot of work to do to get up to the 7.9 mile run that I'll be doing in late September, but it is encouraging that I am getting my stamina and pace back. Sunday was 4 miles in 34 minutes. Today I did 3 miles in 26.5 minutes.

Now off to eat some dinner and then preparing to record with Lou tonight.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Out of Shape

I have really learned lately that I have let myself get way too out of shape. I have still not been able to get in a good rhythm for a running schedule. It seems that every time I have a plan, something comes up. The plan was Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday this week. I got my Tuesday in, but shortened it because Thursday most likely won't happen due to a schedule change that moved a commitment from Wednesday to Thursday. So now I'm running two days in a row which I usually don't do. I'm still keeping decent pace on my runs, just not doing well with distance.

We had a great time in New Orleans. We did a swamp tour and toured the Oak Alley Plantation. We also visited one of the cemeteries. This was my fifth trip to NOLA and the first time I got out of the French Quarter for anything touristy. It was great fun. My first visit to the French Quarter made me realize the Port Orleans French Quarter was greatly themed. And now that I've done the swamp and plantation, I have more appreciation for Riverside (though I do think that FQ better lives its theme).

Magic Meets was great fun again this year. Over $26,000 dollars was raised for the Dream Team and quite a bit was raised for Deb Wills' Avon Walk.

We hit Cedar Point with my niece and nephew on Sunday. It was HOT and there were no clouds or breeze until the afternoon. But luckily crowds were very manageable and we rode all the headliners (some multiple times) and were out of the park two hours before closing. The food there is so expensive though. $8.50 for a burger and fries. $3.69 for a 21 oz soda. It makes WDW counter service look like a bargain.

Looks like I'm heading to San Francisco for work in October. My plan is to check out the Walt Disney Family Museum. I am so excited about that one.

I'll be in the World for Tower of Terror and for the non-MouseFest weekend in December. Let me know if you will be around for either of those weekends.