Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update (great post title, huh?)

Just wanted to throw a few words out there...

Looks like we will indeed be able to make it to the World for a few days in late October and we will be running the Tower of Terror 13k. More details to follow as we actually start making some plans.

Zoo race is tomorrow. I ran 2.9 miles yesterday in 25:30, which including a bit of walking warm up at the start. I haven't really timed myself since the half marathon, so wasn't too sure how I was holding up pace-wise. I should be good to go for our race at the zoo on Saturday. This was my worst 5k last year at about 26.5 minutes. It is a crazy tough course, so I will be happy with a similar time again this year.


Rae! said...

Cool!!! You do good. TOT 13k, us too.

Heath said...

So...how was the race?