Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lapu Lapu

What better way to cool off after a run than a nice, refreshing adult beverage served in a pineapple?

I have no idea what goes into a real Lapu Lapu, but this concoction was a blend of dark rum, pineapple rum, coconut rum, triple sec, fresh pineapple juice, fresh pineapple, and a splash of orange juice.

I must say that prepping the pineapple was a pain in the butt! I wonder how Disney does it. My guess is that they scoop it out rather than cut it out and then use the scooped pineapple in other menu items where the pineapple will be blended/cooked in rather than used in chunks (pineapple bread, anyone?).

On an even happier note (yes there are things happier than adult beverages served in pineapples), I think we will be going back to the World this year. AND -- yes there's more -- running the Tower of Terror 13k! Kristin's sister is getting married on a cruise ship stop at St. Thomas. We are joining them for the cruise and wedding. I had the brilliant idea of visiting WDW for a couple days upon return to land, only to discover (thank you, Lori!) that the day we would arrive would be the day of the race. Things are still in the planning stages, so nothing definite yet, but the excitement is mounting.

Anyone else planning to be there?

Additionally, we are signed up for the Cleveland Zoo race that we ran last year. Tough, tough, hilly course. The worst I've ever ran. But the whole course is in the zoo so you get to see the animals as you run by. Plus admission to the zoo and rainforest is included in the cost.

We also have plans for the Akron marathon. At this point, Kristin plans to run the half. I am working to get a relay team together at work. We are one person short...still have a 10k leg to fill. My leg will be the longest one -- 12.25k. This is the leg that Kristin ran last year.


Heath said...

I now know the answer to Jack Sparrow's question, "Why is the rum gone?" Because Craig and Kristin drank it all!!

That's exciting news about the TOT 13K. Good luck with your other races. Looks like you guys are still doing well with your training.

MikeF. said...

OMG I have that same orange mug that you have in the background of the pic. I know Jeff will be jealous to know you are having Lapu Lapus.

Matt said...

That sounds awesome! I'll have to try one someday

Jeff W. said...

My Lapu Lapu Recipe.

1 oz Meyers Dark Rum
1 oz Barcardi 151
Top pineapple with prepared pineapple/orange concentrate.(Old Orchard Brand)

The Pineapple is a great touch and the wonderful thing is that you can refreeze it for future rum goodness.

Jealous? Oh yeah. Now if we could just work out how to make a softserve Lapu Lapu Whip.