Friday, October 10, 2008

Three Months Left

So we are down to three months of training left before the race. Kristin and I are less than one mile away from 700 total. Our hotel and airfare are booked. And I am getting excited for the trip.

I just got back from Cincinnati today. I had to go down for work. It turned out that Sarah Palin was at our hotel. We caught a quick glimpse of her last night as she exited to get on the campaign bus. It is the first time I have randomly seen a celebrity. The place was crawling with secret service guys with their little earbuds. And I've never seen so many police and state troopers in a single block.

I leave Monday to go to New Orleans (another work trip), and I will be back late Thursday night. So it looks like more treadmill miles next week. The last time I was on a treadmill was back in April and it killed my knee. I did it today and yesterday without issue, though. Hopefully nothing springs up next week.


Jeff said...

Hard to believe aint it? Before you know we'll all be slamming Dole Whips!

Will you and Kristin be participating in this weekends virtual run? I am not doing the afore mentioned night time thingy.

Rae! said...

excited isn't the word!!!!