Saturday, September 13, 2008

Race for the Cure

Kristin and I ran the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure today. It was not great weather for a race, but we made it through. It was pouring on the drive up to Cleveland, and there was a steady sprinkle/rain the whole time pre-, during-, and post-race. The course was largely the same as last year, but they modified it slightly and made the end even worse than last year. Last year, the last couple tenths were a fairly steep uphill. This year, they routed it so that you had an even steeper uphill just before the one we had last year. I think it was almost a full half-mile of uphill to end the race. The one thing better this year is that they had a water stop half way through. But still no mile markers or people yelling times.

For the most part it went well. I had a bit less stamina than normal, but I think I paced a touch too fast at the start. I typically start fast to get past the crowd, then get into my pace. I think I took longer than normal before settling in to a steady run today. I was able to maintain a decent pace for the rest of the race, but it took a lot of mental toughness to keep going. At about two miles, I really wanted to take a quick walk break...but I didn't give in. With less than a mile left, I had to stop to tie my shoe. Makes me mad, because I could have come in under 26 minutes had I not done that...instead, I finished at 26:01.

Kristin said she was not feeling well through the whole race. She went and immediately sat down when she was done, which is not characteristic of her...especially since she had some friends waiting toward the finish line that she wanted to go meet. She crossed the finish right at 36 minutes.

Last year was cold; this year was rain. We'll have to wait and see what Race for the Cure has in store for us next year.


Jeff said...

Happy to read your back out there.
As you stated in an earlier post it's interesting how a little time off seems to throw a person off.

But even more interesting is how quickly you can regain that if you keep at it.

Good job to both of you!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations to both of you!