Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The old days are new again

My body has been playing games with me lately. I feel like I have been transported to last summer when we just started running after years of sitting around on our butts. It seems lately that every time I run I am very sore for at least one day after, if not two. It doesn't matter how far I run, and I always make sure to stretch. It started about three weeks ago. I was hoping it was just a bit of fatigue and that it would pass.

But here were are now with the same problem. I ran four miles on Sunday, and I still have some soreness in my right thigh today. Every time I stand up, it takes a couple steps before I can find a comfortable stride. It is not soreness in the same spot every time which doesn't lead me to believe that something specific is wrong. It seems like general muscle fatigue.

Oh well...better than the terrible pain I was having in my knee.

I am a bit behind where I wanted to be this month. I wanted to finish over 50 miles for the month, but I will need two good runs today and Thursday in order to pull that off. I am at just under 40 now.


Rae! said...

Eat bananas.

Chris said...

Mmmmm banana's..... ;-)

I felt sore EVER day for the entire month of June, unreal. The first half mile of every run was more like a gimp! Not sure what has changed, but this month I'm feeling much better when running, or just walking around work. Did you increase your workload recently?

Anyhoo, keep moving forward as I think it'll correct itself as your legs get used to the work. :-) If not, there's always aleve!

Basil said...

I hear Red Bull gives you wings...maybe wings will take some stress off your legs?? Just kidding. Hope you find an answer.