Friday, July 18, 2008

I ain't got no...


Where has motivation gone? Lately I have become very lax with everything...updating blogs, remembering birthdays, RUNNING!?!?!?

I'm not sure what's going on. Part of it I think is that I haven't been able to sleep well the last few weeks. I either get busy with something and don't go to bed on time or I go to bed on time then lay there for hours (sometimes more than three) trying to fall asleep. So I've been dragging lately. I just crashed last night while practicing piano. I literally just quit mid-song and put my head down on the keyboard.

Blogging...As you've noticed, this site hasn't been updated much lately. I haven't really done anything except for a couple a Boston posts in the last three weeks. Earning My Ears is at a standstill. I don't quite like what I've done with it, so I am on a hiatus as I try to figure out how to change the direction into something that I can write more naturally about. I just can't seem to find a comfortable voice with the posts I've done so far.

Birthdays...I have three friends that have July 16 birthdays. I never even gave it a thought that day. I even exchanged e-mails with one of them. Then early on the 17th it hit me, and I made three apologetic calls that day.

Running...Other than July 4, I haven't had any motivation. That day I did six miles, was feeling great and planned to run further, but didn't have time before our family picnic. I was already running late. Since then, I have had to really push myself to get out. And while I'm out, I have to push hard not to take a bunch of walk breaks. We are going away this weekend, and most likely won't be running. So by the time we get back, I will be about 10 miles short for the first three weeks of the month. I need at least 12 miles per week for the rest of the year in order to meet our goal, and I am only at 26 miles so far in July.

We leave tonight for Magic Meets. We were going to go the appetizer party this evening, but someone volunteered Kristin for a committee at work that had a mandatory meeting today. So we can't leave until after she gets off at 4:00, and it is a five hour drive. So hopefully we'll make it by 10:00. Maybe some of the guys will be down in the bar so we can at least hang out a bit tonight. Saturday is the main meet, then Sunday is Hershey Park day. Weather is calling for 96 degrees on Saturday and 93 on Sunday. It looks like we'll have Orlando weather in PA. We plan to drive home on Monday.

We've never been to Hershey, so I am looking forward to it. I really enjoy going to new amusement parks. I'll update when we get back.

And to Jeff and family, our thoughts are with you.


Basil said...

We all hit low points in our training. Last month I really hit a low, and did not get very many miles in at all. Now I've adopted a training plan that has really been working for me. It is very structured with 3 run days per week. It doesn't allow any flexibility...even though I've created a little. It doesn't matter if I'm motivated or not, I have to do it...and my wife is holding my accountable to the program. That's what has been working for me...good luck finding something to work for you.

And I'm sure you'll find your voice...hopefully you're gonna have plenty to write about when you get back from Magic Meets!! Have fun for those of us who can't be there.

Rae! said...

We all hit the wall. It is that time of the year. Just remember why you are doing this.This is a Team effort for running, we all have been there. But you have to remember, there is a child waiting to go to Disney, with all of our help. All the money you have been raising.
And just think hoe healthy you have become from running. And you get to spend more time with you wife.
And just think in 6 months we all are going to be in line up for the race.In the world. Tell me you are not excited about that? How many other people do you know that can say they ran through the WDW castle?? Not counting all of us.
You should be getting you long distance miles in and be steady at them.