Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dream Team Update

Just a quick update from Magic Meets. The Disney World Trivia Dream Team raised $20,000 today. Approximately $13,000 from the auction, $3,000 from Mousefan Travel (who had been collecting part of their profits for two months), and $3,000 in total from various other sources such as a WDW Today collecting donations online during the meet today. Totals came in at over $19,000 and Lou put the rest in out of his own pocket to make it an even $20,000.

Seeing everyone in tears over the donations does help that motivation thing I was talking about yesterday...


Rae! said...

Those are great numbers!!! They beat last years!!! Can you believe we all help to get that number!!!

Are you excited yet!? :) Ready to train?? To bad you 2 can't come down for the Race For The Taste 10k.

megreader2003 said...

We work all year to make Lou get emotional. It was such a fun weekend It was great meeting you.