Thursday, July 3, 2008

Boston: Day 1

We left for Boston on Saturday morning, June 21. After checking in to our hotel, the Intercontinental Boston, we immediately headed towards Chinatown to catch some lunch. We landed at the Grand Chau Chow restaurant. They saw two white folk walk in, and made it a point to bring forks out, even though we hadn't asked and chopsticks were already on the table. Mere hours into our trip and we were already be racially profiled. Thankfully that was a trend that didn't continue.

Our hotel: Intercontinental Boston

A statue in Chinatown

After some lo-mein and a chicken hot pot, we hopped on to the Old Town Trolley for a tour of the city. The trolleys went all over the city -- historic sites, shopping district, Fenway area. The drivers were all friendly and had a lot of great history tidbits. You could hop off and on the trolleys at any stop to do some further sightseeing. We did this once, to see the Christian Science church (sadly no Tom Cruise on that day). We then discovered that they were swamped that day and it was near impossible to get back on another trolly -- they were all full when they came to the stop. So when we finally got on one, we just finished the tour loop. We knew we'd get to see all the other stuff later in the trip anyway.

The Christian Science church

Our next stop was the Old State House Museum. This had some great history about Boston in general, but also of the various political leaders before the revolution and after. On our way beck to the hotel, we say a movie shoot going on. Apparently it was for a new Bruce Willis film called The Surrogates.

Filming The Surrogates

Dinner on Saturday was split between the sushi restaurant at our hotel (where Kristin had her first raw sushi ever) and Durgin Park, a seafood restaurant at Fanuil Hall. We split fish and chips and a bowl of clam chowder. I've never had fried fish that tasted so good and fresh. I didn't know it was possible for it to taste that way.

Outside the hotel after sushi

That evening we took a bus to MIT then walked from there to Harvard. It was a much longer walk than we had expected. By the time we made it to Harvard Square, everything was closing. But we did take some time to walk around the campus and quickly into a couple of shops.

John Harvard Statue

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