Friday, June 13, 2008

Quick Update

We are off to Cedar Point this weekend. Tomorrow is my company picnic there, and we got a suite with some friends for Friday and Saturday nights. It should be a good time. This park is by far the best amusement park I have ever been to. There are two sections in the back where they attempted theming, but it really isn't all that great. There is an old fort area, and a western area. But the roller coasters are great. Many of my favorites are in this one park. Weather looks great for the park tomorrow -- mid-70s with mostly sunny skies.

My planned run last night was pushed of to today. My friend had asked for help with a good old-fashioned barn raising. He had torn down his old garage and used sections of the sides (with the siding shingles still attached) to build a smaller shed. We got the sides up last night, but the roof still needs to go on. It was a clever way to recycle the old wood.

Have a great weekend!

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Rae! said...

I hope you had fun at the park. Never been would like too.