Sunday, June 29, 2008

North Carolina!

We are home from our trip and right back to forgetting to blog. OK, OK. I didn't forget. Things have just been hectic since we returned...but I won't bore you with the details.

Our trip was a blast. I will do a trip report in a few days with some pictures of the things we did.

We have officially exited Virginia, and we are now in NC. Running this week has not been that great due to the excessive business I referred to earlier. We also didn't have time to run in Boston...but we definitely burned a lot of calories with all the walking we did and the 294 step climb to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument. I wish we'd have had one more day there to get in everything we wanted to do.

I've had some knee problems since the last day of Boston. It was starting to act up, and then the big stair climb was the end of it. That slowed me down for the rest of the day. I also had some pain after my run yesterday. I am really beginning to worry about the race in January. We will be at Disney World a full week before the race, and we all know how much walking goes on there. The last two big mileage walking outings I have done (Cedar Point and Boston) have taken a toll on my knee. I'm afraid to see what a week at Disney will do. We are planning a slow day on Friday before the race...maybe do a tour that day. And Thursday is wedding day, so there won't be much going walking then. So hopefully having two low mileage walking days before the race will help. But I'm still worried.


caballerofan said...

Congrats on N.C. We should get your knee and my left foot together sometime. Those darn reoccurring pains. I am thinking about visitng a doctor. The goofy thing is, if I take one day off my foot feels fine.

With so much time at Disney you should be able to slow things down without going all commando.

NEver been to Cedar Point or Boston. Looking forward to your trip reports

Rae! said...

Just make the night before the race an early evening. You will do fine. Ice the knee down too.