Monday, June 16, 2008

Home for a few days

This past weekend was great. The weather was really good for an amusement park visit. It was upper-70s and mostly sunny. Cedar point had the shortest lines I can remember for a Saturday in the summer. We waited an hour four two rides. Everything else was 45 minutes or less. It was a low-stress day with lots of rides. We hit all of the major coasters, a few smaller rides, ate two meals, and left before the park closed. We had a suite at a nearby hotel for Friday and Saturday nights, so we went and hopped in the hot tub after the long day. That was so much better than our normal day: leave home at 7:30, arrive at 9:30, gates open at 10:00, rides until 11:00 or later, then two hour drive home. We may have to do the hotel thing again next time.

Back to the street today for another run. It went really, really well today. The weather was great in the mid-60s...the best running weather I've seen in a couple weeks. 5.2 miles in 45 minutes. No walk breaks. It is the longest run I've ever done without any breaks. The only problem is my knee was hurting. I noticed some tightness after being on my feet all day Saturday. Not terrible pain today, but noticeable especially since the knee has been perfect for a few weeks now. Kristin did a 3-miler today.

We leave for Boston on Saturday, returning on Tuesday. I'm hoping we can get at least one run in while we are out there. We've got tickets to the Red Sox Monday night. They play the Diamondbacks. I'm not really sure what else we will be doing. But I'm sure it will be fun.


Rae! said...

Greta you are moving along quiet well. Did you ride any of the scary coasters??

Basil said...

Sox...nice!! I'm jealous. I'm only an hour and half away from Fenway and I haven't been to a game yet this season. Think I'll wait until September. Enjoy the game and enjoy Beantown (aka Boston). There is a ton of stuff to do in that city, and lots of great places to run.