Monday, June 9, 2008


I got into poker back in 2003...just before it took off. At the time I had trouble getting a group of six people together for a game. But then it hit television and everyone was playing. In 2005/2006 our monthly game was averaging about 16 people, and several times we were in the 20s. Now it has settled back down, and my usual poker nights run about 10-12 people.

This past Saturday, we did a fundraising event. We ended up with 12 players, and played a $10 game with one rebuy allowed. Half the pot went into our Dream Team collection. We also sold several raffle tickets and gave away a couple Papa John's gift certificates. Total money raised: $109 dollars. We put the fun in fundraising! (I know, I know...that was really bad.)

Friday's frisbee game was insane. It was in the high 80s when the game started at 6:30 and was well into the 80s still when we quit just before 9:00. What a workout. I was through a full bottle of water in the first half hour. Saturday was rest, and then Sunday I just couldn't bring myself to go out in the heat and humidity. So I put off my run until today. It was in the low 80s with about 65% humidity when I got back from my 3-miler at about 9:00. I was just under half an hour to stretch, run half way, stretch again, then run the rest. Not too bad.

I ran my normal 3-mile course, but I did it backwards. It seemed to go really fast since it was a "new" course. No anticipation that you get with the familiar courses. The downside... When I mapped this course I wasn't thinking about elevation, but the first time I ran it I realized there was a steep uphill about half-way through then a lot of downhill after that. Running the course backwards, there is a lot of slow, steady inclines in the first half, then the steep decline, then flat. I'm not used to early hills, so it was quite the workout today. I will put in a longer run on Wednesday or Thursday, and another shorter run Tuesday or Wednesday.


Basil said...

What a great way to raise some $$ for a good cause. I've got a little fundraiser of my own planned for later this summer, but more on that later. Good job with the workouts. I like how you're incorporating a little fun (frisbee) into your routine.

caballerofan said...

Way to go Craig!!!