Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Running Gear

I have been thinking about running gear off and on for a while now. I am curious to know what you all out there have invested in. Kristin and I have both taken a liking to Asics shoes. And we went to a local running store that confirmed that the brand is a good choice for both of us. I also bought some moisture-wicking socks when I got my newest pair of shoes. I find them to be rather comfortable before and after the run, but don't really notice a difference while running. I have also been thinking about buying some new shorts. The ones I have been running in are a bit thick and not really a material that would have been designed for running. They never gave me problems until Monday's long run, which did start to produce some friction. I am also beginning to think about longer runs and water. I hate the idea of carrying a bottle for over an hour.

So what does everyone else have? Have you found good shoes? Do you wear special socks, shorts, or shirts? How do you handle water on the longer runs?

As far as running today, Kristin ran a five-miler. That is a personal best for her this year. She has been doing a great job in picking up distance in the last month or so.

I ran three miles today, and I was very stiff through the whole thing. I have to assume it is hold-over from Monday's seven miles. It was not a fun run, but I got through it without slowing down. About 26 minutes.

This brings me to another thought. I pace faster outside. This was a crappy day for the muscles, but I ran in under a nine-minute pace. When I run on the indoor track, I have to push hard to run 50-second laps -- which equates to a 8:20 pace. I never feel like I am pushing for speed on the roads, but my natural pace is faster than what I typically run indoors -- usually between 8:00 and 8:40. I think this all goes back to my theory on watching your time/mileage too closely. You have to count laps on the indoor track, so you are constantly aware of your exact progress...which is a mental drain and makes it hard to get your physical momentum going. Outside, you just run. You know where start and finish are, and where the turns are, but (unless you carry a GPS and watch it constantly) you really don't know your exact mileage at any given moment.


caballerofan said...

First I have to say great job to both of you. It's all coming together huh?

As for gear. I currently am running is Asics.I have just over 300 miles on this pair. I like them just fine.

I wear running socks. The wicking does help. Like anything else there are different types. I tried a pair that were ultra thin on the bottom and found that I needed a little more cushion. So I now now either a Nike or Champion medium weight running sock.

For a water bottle I use the very same one I posted a picture of over on Tundra the other day.

I found out while looking for that picture that I have been wearing it wrong. I was wearing it on my hip rather than my back. So I need to try doing it that way. It is a drag carrying it but as I learned a couple weeks ago, it can really suck if you get out there and are not close to water. I have been running at night when it is much cooler and therefore have not carried often.

For clothing I just visit Target and select from the Champion line running line they carry. They are priced well and often go on sale.

As for differing running pace indoor/outdoor too many variables here to list. I will through this out. FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST There is just something about not having to stare at yurself in a mirror for an hour.

I love my Garmin 201. It does a great job and has a GPS in it. The newer models are more compact and streamlined.

Need to run off to work now.

Again, great job you guys.

Princess Fee said...

I actually run in a pair of Nikes - I've found a style of Nike which is comfortable to me and I have no problem running in them (I use Nike+iPod too), so for the time being I'm quite happy to use them.

I have some sports socks, the dry fit kind. I can't wear them too high as my feet get 'claustrophobic;. And when I'm running I have to wear my aerobic vests - I can't wear a t-shirt as I get quite sweaty and it's uncomfortable. I did get a great Nike zip-top in their sale which I wear until I get hot enough to run in just my aerobics tops.

And for water I have a small carrying water bottle - I got it for 99p (about $1.70) and it's great for the moment. I'm still a basic runner so after I've been running for a couple of months, maybe I'll splash out on the accessories. But for now, I'm happy with what I've got!

caballerofan said...

Let me just add two words regarding longer runs that will never let you down.

Body Glide.

Jaime said...

I'm a blog lurker, found you eventually through a friend's blog. As a person who just completed her second marathon, I felt I had to speak up!

As far as friction with shorts (or any of your clothing), try rubbing vaseline wherever your clothes rub you - do it before you run. I even put it on my feet, and I didn't get a SINGLE blister in my last marathon.

I also wear Asics (used to where Adidas, and before that Nike), and I love them.

Not sure what kind of socks you wear, but look for those that don't have any cotton in them. They help prevent blisters. (the kind I have are Asics. The others I wear are Ativas. Found them at Dick's Sporting Goods.)

As far as the water thing, I tried a fuel belt for the race, and it ended up wearing into my skin. SO, if you want to try wearing a fuel belt, my advice would be to start using one soon - even on short runs - so you can get used to it.

And, finally, as far as mileage goes, I tend to run the same routes for long distances. My husband has the Nike+ for his iPod, which is pretty accurate for distance. You can also get the adapter and something to attach it to your shoe, if you don't have the Nike shoes.

Hope that helps :) I'll go back into hiding now...

Rae! said...

I wear Brooks.My ankles turn in and they provide me withe the most support and the feet love them. I was fitted to them.
Water on long runs,we carry a water bottle with us. E wears the running pack. It sits on him well and on me it would loosen up and fall under the fanny.
Socks I wear the dry weave from Nike. They are the best socks yet.3 pair for 20 dollars.
I have a forerunner 50 and love it. It tracks everything I need and I can set it to pace me and all.
I too get my active wear at Target.