Monday, May 19, 2008

Half Way There

I had planned to run six miles on Saturday. I had a really good one-mile warm up. Then my plan was to run my three-mile course then the two-mile course. I got about a mile into the three-mile course and crashed. I just couldn't keep myself moving. I pushed through it, though, and finished the three, but I didn't even attempt the last two miles that I had planned.

Later that afternoon, I had my first round of golf for the year. It wasn't too terrible a round for me (61), but it wasn't my best, either. I was hoping for mid-50s (we're talking 9 holes here, not 18). I couldn't do a thing off the tee. The only decent tee shot I had was on a 180-yard par-3. I dropped it on the green, but then three-putted in to give me a bogey. I'm still working on getting my second par. This will be my fourth year golfing and I still have only ever made par once (three-putted several bogeys, but still only one par). So needless, to say, I'm not very good at the game.

We had poker night afterwards. I decided that next month's poker night will be a charity event. A couple years ago we did one for Relay for Life. Half the pot went to the charity, and it ended up being over $100. This year we'll earmark the money for the Dream Team (big surprise!).

The big news for me happened tonight. Kristin wanted to run outside, but I wanted to go to the rec center so we could do weights after the run. But things were feeling good...and kept feeling good. Long story short, I ran seven miles this evening. My legs were like jelly afterwards. And I was starving. So I ended up not doing weights. I feel a lot better now, but the real test will be seeing how I feel tomorrow. Hopefully not too fatigued.


Dewey6.55 said...

Awesome job on the seven miles and the high 5 as you went whizzing by.

Fernando said...

mahvelous, abso-ootly mahvelous!

Basil said...

7 miles??? Nice!!!

Rae! said...

Great job!!! was the 7 miles the same day as the miles earlier?
I have just started to learn how to play golf. It is a comic relief show. :)