Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Still Good After All These Years

I got a little more Smucker's history a few weeks ago. We have a company store a couple miles down the street from the corporate headquarters. Last year they added on to it and completely remodeled it. I just managed to go check it out for the first time.

Part of the new addition was a walk-through that included a timeline of the company. There were two Disney-related notes and pictures. Please forgive the poor photo quality. I took these pictures with my phone.

The first picture shows Smucker's as a founding sponsor of Disney World.

The second shows Paul Smucker at the opening of the Smucker store at Disney World.

Paul Smucker is the third-generation of the Smucker family to run the company. His sons, Tim and Richard, are heading the company today. Tim's son Mark and the brothers' nephew, Paul Smucker Wagstaff, appear to be next in line when the current generation retires.

I am not 100% sure on the reference to the Smucker store. I know Smucker products had a decent presence in the Market House on Main Street for many years. The 1982 Birnbaum guide describes the shop as "an old-fashioned spot, with displays of Smucker's jams and jellies in more varieties than supermarket shoppers would have imagined even existed." I don't have any official material older than that.

Another reference is Widen Your World which mentions that there was a Smucker's Day in 1971 at the Market House. It also lists Smucker's as the sponsor of the Market House from 1971. Although this site looks like it might not have been updated. It shows the company's sponsorship of The Yankee Trader ending in 1993. Smucker's still has a presence in the store (including our logo on the signage) to this day.

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