Saturday, April 26, 2008

Race Results

Kristin and I ran the Wildcat 5k this morning. There are results and pictures if you follow the link. There are no good pictures of either of us, but I did spot us in the background of a few. They had nice pictures of the guy the finished directly ahead of me (you can see me in the background) and the woman behind me. But they left me out :(

Kristin originally didn't plan to run the race. She had to work a twelve hour shift last night (7pm - 7am); her third twelve hour shift in as many nights. But when I signed up on Thursday, she told me to go ahead and add her. She'd tough it out.

It was a fabulous day to run. It was in the sixties and the sun was shining. It could have been a few degrees cooler to be ideal, but I won't complain.

The course was generally flat. Just a couple short uphills and downhills, but nothing major. It wound around the streets near the Canton South high school, then into the stadium and halfway around the track.

As I suspected I would do, I started too quick. My first mile was just under seven minutes. I slowed and ran the second in about nine minutes. Then finished out the remainder of the race in another eight minutes. My time was 24:15 (7:49 pace). I was definitely worn out at the end. When I entered the stadium and saw the time, I thought I might be able to sneak in under 24 if I pushed it out hard. But at that point my stomach wasn't doing too well. So I just maintained my pace. Kristin came in at 34:10 (11:00 pace). I was hoping she would beat her previous time, but I know she was already exhausted by the time the race started. I'm sure she'll do better at our next race.


Anonymous said...

Rectifying the problem right now!!! I'm SOOOOO SORRY!!!!

caballerofan said...

Nicely done. Both of you.

Rae! said...

Great job to the both of you. Man you are fast.
Kristin that was awesome of you. Those 12hr. shifts can be killer. You come home and go run a 3k. Awesome.
Hugging my computer!!!!

Basil said...

Great job guys!! Looking forward to my first 5K on May 18th. I don't plan on finishing that quickly...just plan on finishing.