Friday, April 4, 2008

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

That's what the doctor says I have. Basically, the knee cap isn't moving around in its designated groove, so it is rubbing against other stuff in the knee and causing pain. You can read about it here. Likely cause is having the inner or outer quadricep stronger than the other side. He recommends I do quad strengthening workouts as it should even out the muscles. Funny he recommnds it, considering that when the pain started I quit doing weights with my legs. But I was back to them last night after my usual 5k run. He also said I could see a physical therapist to get strengthening exercises. Kristin's sister is dating one, so I will see if I can get something from him.

I ran under normal pace yesterday, planning to go four miles. But just past the two mile mark, the burger I had for dinner was not agreeing with me. My legs, breathing, stamina, everything felt really good through the first two and well into the third mile, but my stomach was not doing well. I pushed through for the 5k, but did not go further. I finished it right at 31 6.0 mph pace. Hopefully next time I can increase my mileage.


Rae! said...

good job on the 5k. I had became ill during the tot 13k and the last 2 miles were the worse. my stomach was upside down and all i wanted to do was sit down .E wouldn't let me. He dragged me the last mile. Watch what you eat before you run.

mgreene said...


I had the same problem a few years ago. I let my go so long that I wound up having my knee scoped. One of the best exercise for quad strengthening is "wall sits". Put your back up against a wall, and slide down until the upper portion of your legs are parallel to the floor (you have to move your feet out a bit from the wall). Once in this position just stay there. You will probably start feeling a burn in your quads in less than a minute. I eventually worked my way up to 6 minutes at a time. I still do them as part of my workout.

mgreene said...

More wall sit info :

Wall Sits

caballerofan said...

Glad you had it looked at and can form a plan to address it.

Oh, and those darn pesky burgers will do it every time. Good job on pushing though.