Monday, April 21, 2008

Home Again

I'm back home from Denver. It was a fun city. Not somewhere I think I would take a vacation, but it was nice to experience it for a few days. 16th Street (left) was a nice shopping and restaurant area. We spent a lot of time there.

The view from the hotel was great. The picture above was taken from the pool deck. I had a similar view (though more obstructed by buildings) from my room.

They had little cards with running maps on them. I ran the three mile course one day. It took you down 16th Street, then around the capital building (right), then by some other historic buildings, past the mint, then down to jogging trails by the creek (below), then back up and through a few downtown blocks back to the hotel. It was a great scenic view of that portion of the city and had great views of the mountains in the distance.

Since I've been home, running has gone great. I ran four miles Saturday and four and a half on Sunday. Kristin put in over 10 miles again this week.

Before leaving for Denver, I got some new shoes. The guy at the running store said I had a low arch and I pronate when I run. I tried on four different pairs of shoes and ended up with Asics again. They are very comfortable. I also got some moisture-wicking socks. I don't notice a huge difference, but my feet do stay a bit cooler on the longer runs. I'm sure they'll be great when I get to the longer runs.

Looks like I will be running the Wildcat 5k Run this Saturday. And we are both signed up for the Run Wild for a Cure 5k at the Cleveland Zoo on May 10. More details to follow.


Basil said...

Nice job putting in miles while being away from home. I've just found your blog, and I thought I had all the other Team Voicers tracked down already. If you get a chance, take a peak at my page some time. I've only been at it for a few weeks now, but I am definately addicted!!

Rae! said...

Awesome job on all the miles !!!!! And good luck this weekend with the race.
Great pictures!!

caballerofan said...

Welcome home Craig. Glad to see that once again you managed to get some running in while away from home.
One question though. No Geese this time?

Keep up the good work.