Sunday, March 9, 2008


I wish I had taken a picture of the snow. We had over a foot fall on us in about 30 hours. This is a major, major storm for our area. It happens only once every few years. The snow started a bit before noon on Friday and didn't slow down until Saturday evening.

Smucker's closed their offices at 2:00 on Friday and luckily Kristin didn't have to work that night. But she did Saturday night and got stuck in the snow on the way (sadly hospitals don't close for unlike us IT guys, nurses have to work no matter what mother nature brings). I went out to try to get the car free, but couldn't.

So I drove her to work then went home and called a towing company. I grabbed my buddy Steve who lives a couple blocks over -- almost getting stuck myself on the way to get him -- and we went back out to the stuck car. The tow guy pulled the car out and we drove the cars back to my house. But then I got stuck taking Steve back home. The two of us couldn't push the car out, but luckily someone driving by stopped to help. So we drove back to my house instead of Steve's, then walked to Steve's house to hang out.

I must say that this weekend totally reaffirms that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my street. There is an elementary school two blocks away, so they keep my street clean...even on the weekends and other days when there is no school. As of this afternoon, it still appeared that the other roads in the neighborhood had not been plowed once.

The weather has hampered the running. I went Wednesday evening and ran 5k at 6.8 mph without taking a walk break. Kristin went Thursday and Friday mornings, running three miles each time. Shortly after she left on Friday, the University closed and remained closed through today. So we have been unable to get to the treadmill...and the roads are in no condition to run on. We plan to go to the gym tomorrow night.


caballerofan said...

Well you have officially beat the single day snow fall compared to the Tundra. Hopefully things out here are nearing an end for the season. But you never know. Great job on maintaining a pace of 6.8!

Way to go Kristin on your 3 mile jogs!

Hope you guys thaw out soon.

MikeF. said...

Hey I just read Jonathans blog and see that you are going to Boston and are looking up resturants. I went to Boston a couple of years ago and we ate at this great place called the Naked Fish. I believe it was Cuban fare and it was good. And as always ask the locals when you are there.

Rae! said...

WOW!!! That would have been a great picture.

BTW now when I click your link, I go to a redirect page then to your site.

I work in a hospital,and we don't slow down for the hurricanes here either.