Sunday, February 10, 2008

S'more Please

Gotta love the desserts at Le Cellier. The campfire s'mores are always a good choice. Mmmm...s'mores! We are eleven months away from our trip and I am already starting to think about where we are going to eat. I am an eater by nature. I love food. Maybe I should be thinking about the grilled chicken sandwich rather than the s'mores. It's probably a bit healthier. Oh, well. I can always dream.

Today the gym was HOT and HUMID. I started sweating while I was stretching. It was really hard to keep going with the weather. It felt like July in Ohio in that place. Kristin ran two miles and I put in two and a half. We hit some weights after that.

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Rae! said...

That looks great!!! Are the both of you in the 5k? That's great you are getting out there.Just have fun running and this is a way to tell how you are going to do and what to expect at the race.

I have been asking everyone to look at the The Grand Gatherings for 09 dinner or breakfast . Input??? Would the 2 of you want to join?? Let me know.