Thursday, February 14, 2008

The not-so-Tropical Serenade

No, this gentleman is not trying to steal my wife on Valentine's day. He is singing a song welcoming us to his fan club. Within our first five minutes in a park in 2007, we were greeted by this Streetmosphere character who is an aspiring actor. We signed up to be in his fan club, and he rewarded us with a beautiful ( wasn't really beautiful) serenade on Hollywood Boulevard. Kristin is obviously enjoying the show.

I missed Kristin's Tuesday morning run on my last post. She put in 2.25 miles. My 5k run on Monday was at 6.0 mph. I upped it to 6.2 mph last night and managed 3.2 miles without taking a walk break. I had to push a lot harder than on Monday's run, but when it was over I felt like I had a great accomplishment for the day.

Kristin is working on getting up to the 3 mile mark. She has been a bit slower than I on adding distance, but she is making progress. I have no doubt she will be ready by the time our first race rolls around at the end of March. My goal at this point is to start increasing speed while maintaining distance. The 5k I ran last year was at just over a 7 mph pace. My goal for our first 5k this year is to beat my time from the last one.


Rae! said...

Great job on the miles and speed.
i am glad you 2 want to be apart of a grand gathering, but i haven't heard of any other meets.if you hear of any let me know so i can try to plan around it.
tell k she is doing good.keep it up. it is hard but she can do it!

caballerofan said...

Hello Craig and Kristin thanks for stopping by the Tundra. It's always nice to have someone new stop by. It sounds like you guys are off to a great start. I like to concept of your blog. Several posts ago I put up a map and mileage on my site.

I agree with your comments from the other day about the treadmill. Sometimes you just don't want to peak at the time and distance. It can go either way. Encouraging or....

My family may actually be visiting Cleveland this summer. We are considering a visit to the R&R Hall of Fame and possibly a drive up to Niagra. Nothing definate yet.

Keep Moving Forward,
Jeff W.