Saturday, January 12, 2008

It Begins...

...but a little background first.

Kristin ran track in middle school and high school -- hurdles, relays, sprints, long jump. She ran for five years before tearing a muscle in her leg. She was sidelined during that fifth year, and did not run her senior year. College began. Laziness set in.

I've never really been a runner. Sometime in the 2000-2001 timeframe, I was going to the local YMCA two or three days a week, and typically did about 3 miles on the treadmill in 25 minutes each visit. It lasted nearly a year. That ended. Laziness set in.

In the summer of 2002 or 2003 (don't remember), Kristin and I began running two or three days a week, 2-3 miles per run. It lasted a couple months. That ended. Laziness set in.

Summer of 2007, Kristin and I began running about three days a week. We got up to about three miles per run. We did this for two or three months and ran in the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure in Cleveland in September. I finished in about 26 minutes, Kristin in 32 minutes. But after the race, we lost motivation. There was no goal we were working toward. The running ended. Laziness set in.

Now here we are. On this Saturday next year, we will be running in the Walt Disney World half marathon. We've got a lot of work to do to get there, but there is plenty of motivation. We have this blog, which all of our family and friends will hopefully be reading. There is Team Voice who we will be running with at the race. There is the Dream Team Project. There is the thought of a great vacation further down this road.

So, yesterday Kristin went to the rec center at The University of Akron (our alma mater) and signed us up for six months. She had used the facility for some aerobic classes while she was in school, but I had never been in the building.

I went this morning to hit the treadmill for a run. It is really nice. Much better than the fitness area in the old UA natatorium.

But the pleasantry ended when I realized how much I've lost since we quit running. I put in about 25 minutes on the treadmill, for about 2.2 miles. I ran about 1.35 miles of that at 6.5 mph. And I am definitely sore. Just a few months ago I could nearly run a full 5k in that amount of time, now it hurts to run just a mile.

I need to figure out a routine moving forward. I would like to go three days a week. Saturdays will work well, but I'm not sure what days I'll go during the week. I'll probably be playing with my schedule over the next few weeks to see what works best.

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Rae! said...

Craig and Kristin.I am Rae!!! I will add the 2 of you to the Team Voice Role Call and we are doing the 24.1 miles for the monthly miles this month.{I know that the marathon is 26}
Back ground on me.I am 30 something,I have 2 kids and A wonderful man in my life.In 2006 We have been doing walking and I felt that we should work up to doing 5k's.Then Oct.06 I fell on our front patio and needed knee surgery.I was off my feet for 2 months.First part of Dec.06 I was cleared to get back out there.I gain 2o pounds too. Now I have 2 bad knees and more weight to loose. Then I saw Jonathan on DWT. And I have followed him since. Now I have lost some weight I haven't made my goal just yet Almost!!!.10 to go,And I have done some 5k's and we did the tower of terror 13k last year,i walked it in 2:14, learned a lot from it.Team Voice came from me hearing Jonathan saying The Voice.. and One day I mentioned Team Voice and look at us now!!!!
Team Voice is over at All about the mouse forums. We are a support group for training.And All money the I raise is for the Dream Team but I send it to Jonathan,for his dream which goes to Lou.
We just got back from going to the marathon weekend and WOW!!!! I will be posting about it and Pictures of random people I spoke too.I am going to add you too my Friends.If you have any ideas or need a just need a pat on the back or some tough love Team Voice is here , I am here!!!!!!!

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice!!!
2009 Rae