Monday, January 14, 2008

I got the bug!

...and not in the good way.

Kristin has been sick for about a week, and I started into it yesterday. It's such a disappointment to come down with this just as I am getting excited about running. My plans to hit the treadmill tonight are off. If I course through this bug at the same pace Kristin did, then tomorrow or Wednesday will probably be a really bad day. Hopefully I get a lighter version of it than she did.

Kristin is getting better, but still has her cough. She plans to hit the treadmill tomorrow for the first day of her yearlong journey. She said she is going hoping to get 1.5 miles in so that she is ahead of me on the mileage chart.

Registration for the big race started today. I didn't get a chance to sign up, but I will within the next couple days.

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Rae! said...

Take care.
I know the 2 of you do not feel well,but you can walk.slowly.I did that when I was sick and I push everyone to try. :) We will be registering in 2 weeks.E is planning on doing the Goofy challenge!!!!