Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dave's Challenge

My coworker Dave started getting into endurance training last year. He did Team in Training to prepare for the Philadelphia Triathlon, and in the process raised money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. His plans are to eventually run a marathon and complete a century ride.

Dave was willing to contribute to our fundraising, but he did so a bit differently than everyone else. He is linking his contribution amount to my minutes-per-mile pace in the half marathon. The faster I finish, the more he will contribute.

Pace (min/mile)Mph RequiredTime RequiredAmount
>= 11:003.753:30:00$0.025
10:59 - 10:005.462:23:52$0.04
9:59 - 9:006.012:10:46$0.05
8:59 - 8:006.681:57:40$0.075
7:59 - 7:007.521:44:34$0.20
6:59 - 6:008.591:31:28$0.50
5:59 - 5:0010.031:18:22$0.75
<= 4:5912.041:05:16$1.00

I have already put the 2.5 cents per mile in our fundraising totals. I really have no idea at this point what I can expect to be pacing next January. I will, however, keep this challenge in the back of my mind as I train throughout the year. I know the big dollar levels are most likely out of reach (the 5:00 pace was not achieved by the winner of this year's WDW half marathon). But it would be great if I could move him up a couple rungs.

I ran last night, but it was not the greatest affair. After I got started, I felt like I hadn't waited long enough after dinner to start running. I put in about 2.5 miles on the treadmill. 1.65 run and about a half mile of steep incline walking (10-15 degrees at 3 mph). The rest was warm-up/cool-down walking.

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Rae! said...

well that looks interesting. good job even though you didn't feel well. Keep moving forward!