Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another Start

Today was Kristin's first day at the rec center. She put in about 1.3 miles on the track, running for 1 mile of it.

I decided to rest for one more day to try to get over my bug. I plan to get running again tomorrow!

I updated the map to reflect our 2.3 miles...but sadly it doesn't look any different unless you zoom in to the city level. I think the first real map excitement will come when the marker exits Ohio. Only 120 more miles to reach the border!

Disney is selling the Champion Chip with race registration. This is the electronic tag you wear to record your race time. Cost is $39. Is this a required purchase? Will Disney loan you one if you don't it? Is it a good thing to have for other races? I think it would be a cool keepsake/reminder of the event, but I have a hard time adding another 40% to the cost of the race (I'm so cheap!). I'll need to do some research.

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thatdisneygirl said...

they loan it to you if you don't buy it. i didn't buy mine and i don't regret. i don't think anyone on our entire team bought theirs, come to think of it.